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Business and Professions Code SB 1608 AB 1746 Disable Disabled access course

Mandatory requirement and possibility of an audit:

Business and Professions Code was ammended by SB 1608 which now require that all California architects must complete 5 Five hours of mandatory continuing education course on disability access requirements as a condition of license renewal.Currently as of January 1, 2013 a licensee shall, only upon a board audit, provide the documentation from the course provider to the board. This means that you simply fill out your renewal application indicating that you have fulfilled the 5 hour requirement and you do not need to include any coursework documentation unless your application specifically requests the documentation.

Also a licensee shall maintain records of completion of the required coursework for two years from the date of license renewal and shall make those records available to the board for auditing upon request. A licensee who provides false or misleading information shall be subject to an administrative citation, which may include a fine or a disciplinary action by the board. Until January 1, 2015, the board shall audit at least 3 percent of the license renewals received each year to verify the completion of the continuing education requirements.





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