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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be audited if I do not complete the required 5 hours of coursework? has no way of knowing if an individual is or is not going to get audited by the board. Whether you choose us or another provider, we do recommend that you stay up on your continuing education by completing the required five hours.

Does the trainer have knowledge and experience background in disability access requirements? How does the course material compare to some of the other sites offering the same course?

Yes, the trainer has more than 20 years of experience utilizing disabled access laws in design and construction of multiple projects types. We think that our course is superior to the most popular site offering this same service. Our site offers a graphically rich presentation that utilizes a timer , both of which are missing from the most popular site.

Will a certification be issued?  

Yes,  following course completion will provide an  automatically generated certificate. Please note that the Board has required it to be your responsibility to certify that you have completed any and all continuing education.

What is your refund policy?

In the event when CAB confirms that your license was not renewed due to course work we would gladly refund your full payment.

I am returning customer, how do I log in?

Please provide a new email address other than the one you used to log in the first time. Email us if there are any issues.

Will I receive AIA/CES, and or IDP credits for this course and is it needed?

No. We are currently not an AIA/CES provider.

Do I have to finish the coursework in one sitting?

No not at all. The course will be available to you up to 60 days or until you finish whichever comes first.  However if you like more time just contact us and we can allow you a one time extension. Just ask!

What kind of payment methods do you offer and is it secure? What happens after I make a payment?

We offer variety of payment methods through the most trusted online payment gateway . You could either pay with your current or new PayPal account or other Credit Cards, Bank Cards, or even Bill me later is offered. A PayPal account is not required. The transaction is secure and done entirely through PayPal.

After you make a payment in order to login to your course, you can either:

  1. Get redirected through PayPal by clicking on
  2. Exit out of PayPal and log back in using our "Login-Restart Course" tab, or
  3. Wait for an email that we will send you (check your blocked emails) and click on the link that is provided.

Have your students had success getting their licenses renewed? Does CAB approve this course?

Yes, our students have obtained license renewal following full completion of our course and their application process.  However its important to note that careful completion of your application and full payment of the fee is required. Unfortunately California legislators have not given CAB the authority to  approve or pre-approve any of the online providers (including us) or disable access courses that are out there. 


What if my license is expired? What if I have "renewal pending" or a "Incomplete renewal" status, can help?

Yes we can, but only to a limited degree. Currently there is a grace period between the time your license expires (California architect licenses expire at midnight on the last day of the licensee's birth month in odd-numbered years) and when your application can still be accepted by CAB without fees. Please be kind enough not to use our site if you have passed the 30 day grace period, we will not be able to support you even if you pay the fee and spend the five hours on our site. Anyone with a expired license or any other license status other than "current" is required to contact (email) us so that we can obtain important information prior your CAB application processing.


I am having trouble viewing the site in Internet Explorer and or Safari, what should I do?

For IE users please Click on the "Tools" menu in your IE browser, then select "Compatibility View" from the drop down list and add our site.

For Apple Safari users please Click on preferences,then click the Advanced button and select the checkbox labeled “Show Develop menu in menu bar", then go to your menu bar, Click on Develop and change "User Agent" to FireFox for windows.

Thank you very much for reading this text in its entirety.



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